Zaproszenie do publikowania w Biuletynie WFOT

Przesyłamy zaproszenie do publikowania w Biuletynie WFOT.

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Dear Colleagues,

WFOT invites submissions for the WFOT Bulletin Special Issue on Sustainability, April 2020. The deadline for submissions is 1 October 2019.

We are looking for research, theoretical, or case report manuscripts that show:

?         the practical effectiveness of occupational therapy interventions in modifying occupational lifestyles for the sake of eco-sustainability (high priority for research papers)

?         why sustainability is a relevant topic in occupational therapy

?         how occupational therapy practitioners can work with interested occupational therapy service users to facilitate sustainable occupational lifestyles.

Occupational therapy practitioners have always recognised the importance of the environmental context on occupational performance and subsequently on human health and well-being. Concern about the environmental influence on occupational performance, health, and well-being makes sustainability a core topic for occupational therapy practitioners.


We encourage occupational therapists to read the attached leaflet (other sizes/versions in English available here<>), and submit articles to the WFOT  Bulletin at<>,

by 1st October 2019.